For the past few years. Don Neumann has hosted the RMOC at his firm "Great Adventures" in Winter Park Colorado for a day of fun in the snow. We head out onto the mountain trails riding snowmobiles for a couple of hours. The club has a great time every time out. We see some wonderful scenery and do some serious cruising along on the sleds.

Later in the afternoon, Don took the boys out for an unguided tour up the mountain on the faster snowmobiles. We really hit some tough trails and some pretty fast speeds. Going 50 mph on a snowmobile is just a tad bit scary if your haven't tried. But we drive rockets anyway so what the heck huh.

Thanks to Don for having us and thanks to Larry for arranging the accommodations. Turns out we ended up in pretty sweet condos for the same rate as a hotel.


The Lowes and Ruppel's and Barb getting ready to head to the Mountains. The Peifer's arrive at the caravan meet.


Gary and Betty Bozlinski hosted the club at their Winter Park home on Friday. Kathy and Betty enjoying the eats. Bob and Josh fresh off their Air Hockey challenge, Bob remains king as he beat Josh and then later slaughtered Joe.


Wacky Wacky times at the Bozlinski home.


Josh and Lori getting suited up. Hey the Peifers are ready to roll.


We are enjoying the 16 degree weather while we wait for our safety check. Can we get moving please for crying out loud.


After a nice tour up to the top we take a break and check the sites. The wind and snow is blowing pretty good up at 12,000.


Don let Josh have a spin on his faster machine and it was tough to get him in the shot.


Larry and Kathy on the trail. Larry and Alan are at the top, look at that little one way back there.

Group shot before we head into lunch. Kathy, Betty, Joe, Larry, Josh, Lori and Barb.


Here we are enjoying lunch at the Moffett Station.


Don checking in with base to let them know we are all good. Larry makes sure that everyone knows has not gotten stuck this year, YET. What a site along the trail.


That's Gary and Betty Bozlinski opening them up in a meadow. Alan Lowe hot on their heels. Larry and Bob check the Continental Divide.

That's Gary ( Evil Knievel ) Smith after his little spill on the back trails.


The final dinner after a day of great fun in the snow.

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