Carriage Museum Tour
This year the Dickman's hosted a nice tour of the Garden of the Gods and the Broadmoor Hotel
Carriage Museum. We had a wonderful lunch at a quaint little German restaurant too. Despite the
wet weather everyone that attended had a great time.
As we tour the Garden of the Gods we are treated to some deer along the road.
Gary taking a picture of the little one in
front of the Balancing Rock
All the Oldsmobiles lined up.
Lunch at the Edelweiss. Sharon and Ralph sure picked a winner here.
Excellent German food and some good German Beer.
Alan is checking out the Carriage
owned by President Hayes.
One of the Pikes Peak Race
Winners form the 1920's
This one raced but never had
a win.
We get a great tour.
Our tour guide Jason spent a lot of time
with us and told some wonderful stories.
Read the caption carefully. The man on the right is
Mick Shoups grandfather. Check out what his title
used to be.
A great shot from the second
floor of the museum.