Cheese Importor Tour
The club chose an interesting outing for the month of April this year. We wanted to go to a Cheese importer
warehouse. Kathy Ruppel got everything all set up and organized a very nice outing for the members. We
heading our from out monthly club meeting to Longmont. First stop was an amazing place for lunch of BBQ
Ribs. Then we hit an antique flea market and then off to the Cheese Importer. We were treated to a short
tour of the various cheeses from Europe and America as well as some very nice samples. It was a fun time
all around.
As we tour the Garden of the Gods we are treated to some deer along the road.
Bill, Cheri and Larry outside the Antique shop.
Hey this is first aisle, you must pace yourselves.
All lined up for the short hop to the Cheese place.
We begin the tour of Europe.
Yummy Stuff from Spain
Oh my goodness there are so many samples to
choose from
Another Great Tour for the Club. Thanks Kathy!!