2007 Ruppel Compond Party
As has become a tradition at the Ruppel house. Every June they host a very large party at the compound
and invite all their friends and of course the Olds Club members. They have food galore and live music. This
year two bands entertained the crowd. It's always a good gathering and everyone has a wonderful time. We
thank Larry , Kathy and Uncle Bob for having us out again this year.
The Oldsmobile Club members gather for a group photo.
Nothing but ariel shots today. The RMOC members
gather for the fun.
As usual there is a great crowd
One of the two bands on the ticket
today performs some kickin tunes.
People come early to get the best spots.
More shots from high atop the
Cherry Picker
The Compound Party wouldn't be the same without Dale Terry and
his Ice Cream Wagon