2007 Show and Shine
Once again this year we gathered with the Pontiac Club to throw one heck of a car show. We had 68 cars on
the show field this year which was higher then previous years. The show consisted of Oldsmobile - Buick -
Pontiac and Cadillac. We also had some great professional cars in the Caddy area, a couple of Ambulances
and four Hearses. They really were a great addition to the show.

The Pontiac Folks stepped up gain and took care of concessions and had a fantastic result. The turn out for
spectators was pretty high with a steady stream of visitors. We look forward to continuing this new tradition.

Of course we give a HUGE HUGE thanks to Sheplers Western Wear and Joe Pagnotta for hosting us!!!
The Oldsmobile Club members gather for a group photo.
Betty, Helen and Rose are registration staff today.
The first of many show up for registration.
All lined up for the short hop to the Cheese place.
A couple of Rooftop Shots
Our Host!!
Best of Show Winner Karen Cochran with her 1930
Olds Sport Coupe.
People come early to get the best spots.
Some shots from across the show
field. We highlight all the makes at
this show.
We had a packed field.
Time for the awards
Two special awards. The Managers Choice won by James Sears for his 57
Buick Wagon. The Al Russell Memorial Award went to Mick Shoup.
A couple more awards to Glan Roat for his Vista Wagon and
George Racz for his GTO.
Here is the full list of winners. Congrats to all.

Best Of Show                             Karen Cochran        1930 Olds Sport Coupe
Best Oldsmobile                         Bob Beck                1969 Hurst
Best Pontiac                               Bob Petri                 1958 Bonneville
Best Cadillac                              Mr. Dameron          1976 El Dorado
Best Buick                                 Jim Cuetter              1967 Riviera

Best 2 Door 1st place               Karen Cochran        1930 Olds Sport Coupe
Best 2 Door 2nd place              Bob Petri                 1958 Pontiac Bonneville
Best 2 Door 3rd place               Bob Swan                1955 Olds Holiday

Best 4 Door 1st Place               Gary Lee                 1953 Olds Super 88
Best 4 Door 2nd Place              James Sears           1957 Buick Wagon
Best 4 Door 3rd Place               John Puusma          1957 Buick

Best Wagon/Special 1st place  James Sears           1957 Buick Wagon
Best Wagon/Special 2nd place Glen Roat               1970 Olds Vista Cruiser
Best Wagon/Special 3rd place  Joe Unrein             1959 Cadillac Ambulance

Best Convertible 1st place        Mr. Lawrence        1968 Pontiac Firebird
Best Convertible 2nd place       Bill Kemp               1962 Pontiac Bonneville
Best Convertible 3rd place        Joe Peifer              1970 Olds Cutlass Supreme

Best Street/Muscle 1st place    Bob Beck               1969 Olds Hurst
Best Street/Muscle 2nd place   Mr. Garvias          1967 Pontiac GTO
Best Street/Muscle 3rd place    George Racz         1966 Pontiac GTO

Most Wanted Car                      Bob Beck              1969 Olds Hurst
Managers Choice                      James Sears          1957 Buick Wagon
Al Russell Memorial                Mick Shoup             1958 Olds Holiday