2008 Compound Party        
Once again the club was invited to the "Compound" to attend an annual party that is held by Larry and
Kathy Ruppel and Uncle Bob. They had a great turnout and the place was jam packed with friends. This
year two bands provided some nice entertainment for the crowd and the club brought some of the classic
cars out too.

Thanks to Ruppel/Brown household for asking us to the great shindig. We really enjoy it and of course look
forward to 2009.
One of the bands performing today.
Despite the temps, we had a good time and once again received comments from
people like " I have never seen so many Oldsmobiles at one show before"
Well I think we will continue to surprise people.
Bob and Gary ready to enjoy the show.
Bob gets an eagle eye view of the grounds as Larry tries to take care of all his guests.
Lori and Susan having a nice chat.
Now this is relaxing.
Club members having a great time
Dale is serving up the root beer floats. Looks
like he loves his job.
Guys - it's a party remember?
Shirley gives her order to the wait staff.
Oh that's Tim sorry.
Some nice rides out there.
More Ice Creme Please.
A couple of the Ruppel mobiles.
Band two takes to the stage.
Thanks again we had a great time.