Some Extra Shows
Some members attended a few show off the list of our scheduled activities and it's nice to give
everyone a glance at some of these outings too.

We ended up with six club cars at the "Cruizin with the Oldies" show over Memorial Day weekend up
in Casper Wy. A pretty cool event some rain on the way up and back but a great show day and great
parade too.

Then there was the 8th Annual Highlands Ranch Classic Car Show, we had 4 Oldsmobiles there ( ok 3
from the club and one from OCA ) but in any event we actually got the new club participation trophy.

Finally we just completed working and cruising at the 1st Annual "Cruizin Havana" This is in support of
the Old Car Council (OCC) and we had a good turnout of volunteers. We all had forgotten our camera's
but Lori had her cell phone so we did snap a few pics. There were over 3000 cars estimated to have
taken part in the cruise.
That's Bob Swan up there as we get ready for the Veterans Parade. Check out that 1918 olds.
Joe and Lori enjoying the Buddy Holly show.
We had six club cars at the show. Pope - Peifer
- Swan - Thompson - Laws (2)
Friend of the club Milo Warner gets
interviewed for an episode of
"My Classic Car"
Josh is explaining to Larry that the ball is
supposed to go forward.
Club cars that earned us the "Club Participation" award. Not
bad for a car show with over 100 cars.
Some of the other cool rides at the show.
Yup that is a helicopter.
Roger showing off the scouts from the PBA.
We had 6 people come out and help with one
of the festival sites. Bob and his son in law,
Larry, Gary, Joe and Lori.
Dennis Gage was nice enough to pose for a picture.
Cruizin With The Oldies
8th Annual Highlands Ranch Classic
Cruzin Havana
Some of the cool rides at this one. Lori
catching some rays too.
Lori and Gary Smith working the festival site.