Forney Museum
A last minute change in the Oct outing resulted in an impromptu visit to one of Denver's spot for car lovers.
That is the Forney Museum. This houses some nice classic cars, carriages, trucks, bikes and some great
trains. All indoors. It even has one of the largest Locomotives ever built in the USA. It is a monster.

We only had a few members at this little trip but it was a fun time none the less. The Museum is now housed
in a new facility and it's quite a place.
Some very nice Horseless carriages
A beautiful sunny fall day.
We get our club tent all set up.
with some nice Olds' up front.
Larry and Joe in front of the Oldsmobile
Curved Dash.
This is the "Big Boy"
Believe it or not this locomotive actually derailed once and caused major damage.
It was put back into service afterwards and had a long career before retiring.
These are totally "Green" cars. All
electric even that AMC wagon.
That's Larry, Kathy and little Jane enjoying
some play time about a beautiful car.
This little baby actually will take
you for a ride on the road and in
the water.
A small group shot this time around. A great Saturday afternoon.