Grand Lake
This year our annual snowmobiling trip had to be postponed because of SNOW. That's right there was too
much snow and the roads were closed. We ended up going to Grand Lake just after the snowmobiling was
shut down for the season. Yes there was some great snow still there but we just missed the deadline. No
worries though, members still had a great time away from the daily grind and the Cochrans hosted us to
some time at their cabin
This is just a beautiful setting.
This was a fun alternative to snowmobiling
and everyone had a great time.
Everyone gathered around the kitchen in
the Cochran cabin..
Note Bob's posing here. More of this
to come.
Smiley faces - Smiley faces.
Crud - I have to clean up again.
Nice little group shot in the great Colorado
Ok guys we are NOT doing a sleepover.
Now where is that wascilly wabbit???