MDA Fundraiser
A couple of our members Bob Brown and Larry Ruppel set up a little show at a local gas station to help raise
some funds for MDA. We had five Oldsmobiles turn out and even a couple of others joined in the fun. Bob
donated hot dogs and hamburgers the station donated fixins and drinks and our cars brought in people to
make some donations for lunch and donations for raffle tickets.
All in all we raised $143.00 for MDA and helped send a kid to camp. This was a good cause and RMOC was
glad to help out.
First order of business was a replacement of
transmission coolant lines on Joe's Cutlass. We got the
job done and they look really cool. Not to mention are
much better than the replacement hose that was there.
A nice little line up of classics.
Quite a few people came out today despite it
being pretty chilly.
Pretty neat huh.
Al, Joe, Gary and Tom trying to
keep warm.
Some other folks joined in the fun and showed off their rides. A very pretty
Chevy, a souped up SSR and a major chromed out Camero.
Bob also brought his classic BMW.
Way to Go RMOC for helping raise some money
for MDA.
Things start to get set up at the Nursery
where the cars were being shown. Bob
manned the grill for the day and had em
eating out of his trailer.