2008 Miss Wheelchair
This year we attended the 4th Annual Miss Wheelchair car show and pageant. This is a great show and for a
really good cause. There was a full show field and RMOC added 5 of our own cars to the mix. There were
door prizes a free lunch and even some entertainment and the pageant later in the evening.

It was a bit brisk outside since it snowed here in Denver just two days prior to the show. But the sun was out
and we still had a good time.
Oldsmobile makes our mark.
Despite the temps, we had a good time and once again received comments from
people like " I have never seen so many Oldsmobiles at one show before"
Well I think we will continue to surprise people.
Bob and Gary ready to enjoy the show.
Some of the other nice rides on the show field.  Bob checks our a sweet looking wagon and the
Avante club makes a good showing.
We all wait anxiously for the coveted door prizes. Three
winners in RMOC.
Did I mention it was a bit chilly. Well not bad for 42 degrees.