Show and Shine Spectacular
Well Members this was truly one great show this year. Our friends in the Pontiac Oakland club once again
helped put on one heck of a show. Our members worked in the planning and so much more and got a ton of
door prizes and goodie bag items. Gary Canady and his crew handled the food vending helped in the planning
and also obtained some pretty sweet door prizes. This year we had 81 cars registered, which is just fantastic.
We were scrapping for some space on the lot too.

There are so many people to thank for this effort; Gary C - Lori - Betty - Alan - Bob - Gary S. - Helen -
Larry - Rick -  Dale - Sheplers.  So much to thank them for too. I just want you to know that I appreciate all
you did this year and I know that our show wouldn't be getting as big or as good without the support of these
two clubs and members like you.

Now on with the PICS.
Registration is buzzing with
A show wouldn't be a show without goodie bags. Here we are working
on that little project. Then we had a great meal including some
homemade ice cream courtesy of Betty.
Now the field is filling up.
This was about 8:45 in the morning and we already have nearly two full rows
filled. By the way, parking officially started at 8:30
Such a wide variety we have. This is
just great.
Alan Lowes award winner this year, his 1960 Super 88. We also had one
sweet Smoky and the Bandit Firebird there.
Below are some more shots from the show field.
We got the Oldsmobile folks all together for a huge group shot. I think some
didn't even fit in.
The vote tabulations. Then Joe starts giving those
Click the thumbnail for larger pictures some of the
winners in no particular order.
Favorite of Show. Karen and Jim Cochran 1930
Olds Sport Coupe.
Larry Ruppel is awarded the Al Russell Memorial Trophy.