Lowe's Annual Soup Supper
Here we are again as the club members gather for Alan and Betty's annual Soup Supper. This year we
had a great variety of soups and of course some very nice desserts. Everyone had a great time and the
arcade games were quite a hit this year. Good company all around. Boy am I still stuffed.
The ladies gather and chat before soup.
What is the point of this game?
Another wonderful time for the RMOC.
Anyone want to take some soup home??
The boys gather and snack before soup.
So much fun every single year.
Now this is good food folks.
Leave us alone we are trying to soup it up here.
Tim is psyching himself up for some pinball.
All the girls talking about an engine rebuild.
They can never stop talking cars.
The tournament of champions begins. Shirley and Larry go head to head.