Holy Cross Abbey Show
This year the club ventured down to Canyon City for their annual Holy Cross Abbey Car Show. This show is
nice and attracts a wide range of cars from around the state. Could be that you get to park on the grass in a
very beautiful setting that does it.

Ralph and Sharon Dickman hosted us to a nice dinner potluck at their place in nearby Pemrose. We had
some soggy weather but luckily there was a great indoor concert to benefit the wild Wolves and most of the
group attended that.

All in all it was a fun outing.
Having fun at the Dickmans. Ralph is up there
showing off his latest project.
We hit the benefit concert. Some great music
this afternoon.
Club Cars and a few other notables.
The rain and chill kept everyone in jackets but we still had a good time.
Just a great shot what can we say.
Dinner at the Bellvedere. Always a great spot,
right Helen?
Paul and Jane enjoying the tunes. Then Jane needs
a breather and a soda.