2009 Garage Tour
The club had a nice outing with an event that hadn't been done in a few years. A garage tour of some of the
nice garages and collections that our members have. Thanks goes out to Betty Lowe for organizing this one,
great work. Also a big thank you to all the hosts - Bob and Dianne Petri, Dale and Peggy Terry, Gary and
Helen Smith and Alan and Betty Lowe.

The day was a rousing success with great attendance once again. Enjoy the pictures.
First Stop the Petri's
Larry and Bob getting things set up.
Bob's Garage is decorated beautifully and reminds us of a 1950's diner.
Just fantastic.
Off to the Terry's.
Very neat and tidy, Dale.
Looks at these great old Gas pumps.
The Smith's garage is still a work in progress so we can't wait to revisit them
again. Unfortunately it was getting pretty dark by the time the party moved to
the Lowes. But hey it was a great day and everyone had a wonderful time.