Wild Animal Sanctuary
Lori Peifer set up a great outing this month. We visited the Rocky Mountain Wild Animal Sanctuary. This
facility is a non profit organization dedicated to rescue and care of abused and neglected wild animals.
Currently the facility has 57 tigers a dozen or so Lions and at least another dozen more wild cats. They also
have a large wolf pack and several black and Grizzly bears.

As you can imagine this facility takes an enormous amount of resources to run and even more funds. The
club helped out today in a very big way by our attendance and admission we paid. Lori and I want to
personally thank all those that attended this special place and for your help in keeping it running.

Now on with the pictures.
Whats an outing without some food for fuel
before we get started.
Aren't they beautiful?
This is what it's all about.
Here we are learning about the daily
routine that is followed.
Our guide tells us about the history of the
sanctuary and what they do to take care of
the animals.
Check out the wolf pack.
Anyone see a wizard around here?
Another look at one of the lions.
Some of the great cats. A black panther, two more
tigers and the king of the beasts.
This tiger liked to perch himself up high.
Now for some Bears.
If you couldn't make it to the outing and want to help the sanctuary, click the link and you can
make a tax deductible donation. Sign up for their newsletter and help put an end to the cruelty
some of these beautiful animals face.
Thank you.
Wild Animal Sanctuary