Grand Lake Winter Carnival
Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club
This year the club took on a
little project, ok it was a big
project but it was fun. We
built from scratch our very
own Bed Sled. All with the
"Olympic" medal at the
Gran Lake Winter Carnival.

construction of the bed and
even less days training for
the race. ( yes less days).
But we build an award
winning sled and gave a
great run at the race.

What a great outing this
event turned out to be.
And so it begins.
We decide on a replica of an old
Curved Dash Oldsmobile
TA DAAA!!!!!!   Well Done indeed.
The Cochran's host us for dinner.
Members head for the hills.
Larry grinding away and the
guys using brute force to
The first Test Flight.
Now lets make it puurrty.
Some shopping too. We don't want to
know what Dale bought.
We arrive and are greeted by snow sculptures.
First Up is the Parade.
We Race!!! We didn't win the race but we did win BEST