Diners, Drive In's and Dives
Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club
The popular show on the In's
and Dives In's and Dives
spawned an idea for our own
version of this. Gary Smith
hosted a little road trip down
to Pueblo and back for 3
visits along the way.
The first was the Dive/Diner
for the first meal of lunch.
The club was served up
some gold old dive food
including an entree called
The Slopper.
Then to a Drive-in for some
ice cream in Colorado
Springs and finally another
Drive -in at the Smiths with
an actual movie on the big
All in all it was a very fine
event and everyone had a
great time.
Load up the classic cars for this road trip!!
Great Dive atmosphere and of course "The Slopper"
Perfect weather.
It's a camera free for all.
To the Ice Cream Drive In.