Car Clinic
Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club
clinic this month. We did
some work on the front end
of Gar's 442.

A ton of hard work and some
great food along the way
makes for a very happy

Gary wrote a heartfelt thank
you below.

Way to go Guys!!!!
Talk about team work.
Great work everyone. No idle hands here.
Done and Done.  
Hmm this seems doable.
I just wanted to thank the folks that came over to help put the 442
front and rear ends back together Saturday.  We had a lot of help, but
it turns out there was no shortage of work to do so everyone stayed
pretty busy.  After a great breakfast provided by Helen, we broke out
pretty much every tool I had and got started ( I did get a little nervous
when one of the guys asked me for the largest pry-bar I had and a

While the 442 was having her “spa day and getting new girl parts” as
Helen called it, the gals went shopping. Bob Brown was put in charge of
getting the lunch out – Gary flunked miserably the last time and was
removed from this duty.

All-in-all, a very successful day and the car is pretty much back
together with only the brakes and a few other small things to do.  
Many, many thanks to Allan, Larry, Bob & Bob, Tim, Eric & Eric,
Roger, and Bryan.  There is no doubt I couldn’t have done this without
help from people who know what they are doing!

Thanks again.  Gary
Ok that guy on the right, keep him away from the tools.
When all else fails look at the manual.
Real men doing real man work.