Holidays 2014
Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club
It's the most wonderful time
of the year.
That time when our club
gathers around the meeting
tables and the couches and
talks a little about cars and
fun and then we feast.
Of course we usually do that
monthly but there are more
decorations now so yes
"Wonderful Time"

It's our annual holiday
meeting and pot luck, always
a well attended meet. Then
just a few short days later.
Mick and Terry Shoup host
their annual  open house for
the Holiday. Thanks to all
that worked so hard on these
Ok Larry lets light this candle.
Everyone has a fantastic time.
This is one great event year after year.
Thanks Mick and Terry!!
Now that is a tree!!
Food and information. Hey is that Gary in the AUDIENCE?
Nothing like good
food and good
company to grind
a club together.