Forney Museum Dust Off
Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club
During the cold months our
members like to stay comfy
and cozy indoors. What
better way to do that then to
go to a car museum and help
them get the displays all
spiffed up for another
So that's what we do. We
went down to Denver's
famous Forney Museum and
took on the cars, bikes and
trains for the annual dust off
oooh some fancy fancy fords.
Ok lets carb load for all the work.
Fire up that roaster.
But Mom I don't wanna clean cars!!
Ending the day at The Source.
Well this seems like a good place to spend the day.
Get to work boys. Of see Peggy over there she is giving those two a lecture on
Time to clean right. Nope  - DUSTER FUGHT!!!