Dan's 1954
Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club
Dan Lazarri left behind a
newly painted 54 Olds 98 4dr,
he had begun to re-install the
trim and prepare it for the new
upholstery.  Dan was not
building a show car, but a
driver he could proudly take
to car shows and cruises.  
Wife Patty had no information
on where the seats and door
panels were taken for
upholstery.  Fellow member
Betty Lowe got on the phone
and called anyone in that
business and found them.  The
shop did not have Dan’s
number.  Last Sunday some of
the club members went to Dan’
s house and loaded up the
Olds and all the trim pieces we
could find and have brought
them to the Compound to help
Patti get this car finished.  
This Sunday we had a car
clinic with 10 folks showing
up.  We sorted all the trim we
had and began by cleaning and
polishing trim and
sandblasting pieces, bolts and
clips.  Some trim was installed
and lists were made for items
we still need.  It was a very
energetic group who worked
tirelessly for 8 hours.  Mike
Watson came down from
Cheyenne and was very
valuable in identifying parts
and where they went.   Thanks
to all those who came and
helped.  We will have another
clinic in the near future.
Larry Ruppel
The goal is to get this baby out, on a trailer, transported
and ready to finishing.
That is a serious driveway.
To be continued.