Club Project Car Part 1.
Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club
The club recently got a
contact from the son of an
Oldsmobile Owner. His
parents had bought a 1968
Cutlass brand new in '68 and
it had been in the family
ever since.
Sadly his father and passed
away and his mother
Katherine is no longer able
to drive. They decided to
donate it to the club to
restore it and of course give
her the updates on how the
car is coming along.
So being the good
Samaritans we are we took it
We will keep posting
updates to new pages as the
work progresses.
Okie Doke, lets get this baby ready to move.
She is all loaded up and ready to go.
Back at the compound some initial review begins.
It's trailer time.
Not ready to start up just yet but it will get there. More to Come!!!
Katherine came out to share some memories of her Cutlass with
the guys. A very emotional time.
Some extra parts to take along.  Then we helped out with the
daily drive car that Katherine also owns.