Australian Oldsmobile Nationals

This was a special trip for members of the club. All the way around the around the world for a car show. Wow that is the love of the Oldsmobile. The members on the trip were Larry and Kathy Ruppel, Uncle Bob and Barb, Alan and Betty Lowe and Ralph and Sharon Dickman. Ralph and Sharon do live closer to Australia being down south in Penrose but it was still a long trip. Bob took a zillion pictures but we have some of the highlights of the Olds show. Our members were treated like celebrities by the locals. I understand that these cars are driven to the meet no trailer cars in this country. They also know how to put on a car show. Most cars are much older then we typically see at a show in the US. None of our beloved Cutlass' at this show either. They just aren't there. But what BEAUTIFUL Oldsmobiles they do have. Just stunning and I am sure the pictures don't do them justice. Lots of pics Enjoy!!!


What beautiful country.


Right into the car show. Keep in mind some of these cars are driven hundreds of miles to be here.


What a shot of the group showing. Those Americans are in there too.


Some more beauties.


Bet you never saw one of these. Yup it's an Oldsmobile alright.


Bob and Barb trying to get away in one of the vintage Olds. He it might cost a few dollars to get it home. Look at this yellow one.


Nice one here. Bob with one of the host's.

 The location of the show.


 Big Banquet Time.


 These shows travel people. Heading down the road to another destination.

 A dam that has an unusual phenomenon. Stand at one side and talk and people on the other side can hear you. Not shouting just talking.


 More Olds on the cruise. Great cars aren't they?

 Is that another Oldsmobile Truck. This one is just a tad bigger a real work horse.

 I understand Alan and Betty celebrated their anniversary Down Under. Congratulations.


 Ok It's Australia. You have to see the Opera House and a Kangaroo or two

 Now this was a wonderful trip.


See Bob Brown for more pictures.

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