2005 Holy Cross Abbey Car Show         

This year the Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club once again heading down to Canon City Colorado for the Holy Cross Abbey Show. This is a very nice show where you get to have your car parked on grass. The club met at a local Dairy Queen for the caravan down south on  Friday for the show the following day.

Ralph and Sharon Dickman hosted the club to a BBQ Friday night to rave reviews.  Then the club spent the night in Canon City for an early departure for the show. There are usually around three to four hundred cars at this show and competition is tough. Members had a great time and it was a beautiful day.

Then dinner Saturday night at "The Belvedere" a very nice Italian restaurant. Then back to the hotel for more socializing. The club is on their own for the return trip home on Sunday.

Thanks to Editor Bob Brown for supplying the photos and thanks to the Dickmans for hosting the BBQ!!


Meeting at DQ in the morning. Larry going over the plan.          Mike and Wlbur wait patiently while for more ice creme.


Here we go heading out on the caravan.               Alan and Betty Lowe are totally into the nice weather today.

Now this looks pretty YUMMY don't you think?


Here we are at the Holy Cross Abbey. What a beautiful historical building.



The show field


The club cars!


A couple more shots of your Olds.

Cool Line up!


The Shoups and the Lowes enjoying the day.


Things are winding down a bit.                                                                     Right Kathy?


The end of another fun outing.

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