Once again Betty Lowe took the reigns of the set up of the RMOC Banquet. Together with the help of our new activities director, Helen Smith they came up with one dandy of an event. The club met at the last remaining Marie Callanders restaurants and had wonderful dinners from Fettuccini to Steak. Everyone had a great time.

We started off the night with a social hour for cocktails and snacks. There were also a bevy of door prizes handed out throughout the evening. Thanks to Helen for handling the bulk of the door prizes and also to Bob for getting some nice donations as well. Helen also donated some of her famous holiday vases filled with twinkling lights and festive potpourri.

The event was a smashing success. President Joe handed out some nice gifts to all the officers who volunteered and served the club for the past two years.  I htnk we have a spot all picked out for next year.


The cocktail hour begins the evening. Alan has a cold one. Joe and Helen discuss all the upcoming activities for 2007 while Larry contemplates what cheeses to sample. Gary and Roy catching up. 


Who is having a good time?


Dinner sure looks yummy. See when pictures are being taken you either have your mouth full or some silly face happening. Not you Barb.


Alice and Jim enjoying the night. Looks like Roger won something.


Three lovely ladies waiting for some delicious pie. That's Bill and Cheri in a nice photo op.

Finally our helpful host, Michelle. Thanks for the hard work tonigh.

Can't wait for 2007.

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