Brown Palace Ghost Tour         

This year Kathy Ruppel hosted the club and set up a Halloween outing. We took the Ghost Tour of one of Denver's most famous landmarks. The Brown Palace Hotel. We were treated to stories of haunting's throughout the years in this historic place. Built in 1892 the Hotel has been open for business each and every day for the past 113 years. 

We got to see the wonderful architecture and features of this grand old place. We even visited one of the posh suites that run serveal hundred to $1000.00 a night.  The Brown Palace where Teddy Roosevelt stayed and what served as the "Western Whitehouse" to President Eisenhower. Many ghosts still walk the premises giving guests and employees a little adventure.


One of Denver's most beautiful hotels.


Ok lets get ready for the tour.  A view down into the lobby from the upper floors. It's all set for afternoon tea.


Our tour guide tells us haunting tales of Guests that have never left. Don't turn around there is one now!!!


Yes it truly is HAUNTED. Happy Halloween.


We all get together for lunch to recover from our scary morning tour.

The end of another fun outing.

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