Candy & Butterfly Pavilion Tour

Some of our winter activities don't really focus on Oldsmobiles. It can get quite snowy in Denver. This day however we had great weather and the club met for a nice tour of a local Candy Factory and Butterfly Pavilion.

Kathy Rupple set up the days activities and we thank her for that. We started the day at Hammonds Candy. This is a local company that makes hard candy and chocolate for sales nationwide. All the candy is made by hand the old fashioned way.

After a lunchstop we went to the Denver Butterfly Pavilion where we got to see some exotic insects and butterflys.The group had a good time with this winter outing.

The members ready to start the Candy tour.

OK let's get moving. There is Candy to be bought in the gift shop

See there is something for everyone. They don't seel toothpaste here!!

That is a batch of hard candy cooling.

Some of the retired candy making equipment. Barb standing by one of the small lollipops.

Ok time for a lunch stop.

What are these again?

Ok now this one looks like it could never get off the ground and this one looks way to scary to be be flying around.

AAAAGHHHH!!!! Run Away! Run Away!

Another adventure for the Olds Club.

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