RMOC Car Clinics

Recently the club discussed the idea of getting members to help each other with their small car repairs. It would help some of the people that don't know as much about cars to learn from the "Masters". On paper it looks good huh?

So we have instituted the Car Clinics. A group of members decide what repairs we will take on. So far we have installed a kick down cable, cutomized an ebay purchased air cleaner, and installed a new steering wheel on a '70 Cutlass. The pictures below are of the work done a 1966 Cutlass. It had a leak in the A/C and we thought it was going to need a whole new set up. After tearing down the fender we found that a large hole in one of the tubes. some handy work fixed that up nicely and then we converted it over the the new A/C process. It really blows cold air now.

This is a good chance to see what's what on the cars and get to know how to do some work on our own. Plus it always is fun to get the cars on the lift to poke around on.

Here is member Alan Lowe checking what's what.
It's good to have people hand you tools.
Larry fixing that busted A/C line.
Hey guys! I think we need to go to the auto parts store again.

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