Car Clinic II

Well here we are again making those pesky repairs. The RMOC members get together from time to time to help each other with minor repairs to our cars. Ok sometimes they end up being major repairs but who cares as long we get dirty and get a car upon the lift. This time around we had successful repairs on not one but three member cars.

Gary needed some assistance working on his 442. The heater was not blowing heat. Larry and Alan were checking the vacuum lines to see what the problem was.

Does that really help?If it don't fit, grind it.

Ok now we are having some fun, get that baby up on the lift. Here we see the guys doing a replcement on the rear transmission seal. I guess Gary was tired of cleaning his garage floor.

Mike, Larry, Bob and Joe are working on Mike's Alero.
We even took out the supercharger; now that is high tech.

Joe's Cutlass wasn't getting any power. Come to find out the gas pedal was barely opening up the carb. The repair was pretty easy and we forgot to take a picture. Larry fixed it up with an adjustment to the gas pedal. ( yup.. he bent it a little )

We do have a good time and we actually do get things done. As we said this time out was a great sucess, Gary has heat, Joe has some serious power now and Mike - well his header leak is notAS bad . We encourage our members to join in the clinics as we can all learn from them.
Till Next Time!

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