Fall Car Clinic

Once again into the Breach my friends. We undertake a carburetor rebuild for Joe's Cutlass. The engine was rebuilt earlier this year and even after that the power and gas mileage were less then stellar. Thanks to Alan Lowe for hosting at his tremendous workshop. I certainly did not have all the tools and skills to get this done on my own. Larry Ruppel headed up the rebuild with his vast years of knowledge and experience. It didn't hurt he had a ton of extra carbs around too since we ended up needing a part. Thanks to Bob and Gary for pitching in and taking part. 

Finally a thanks to Betty for providing the wonderful breakfast for the troops. She even treated us to Vanilla Malts in the afternoon - Sweet. We have now decided that all clinics, activities, cruises and even meetings will now be held or at least begin from Betty's kitchen.


The Carb is off the car and the work begins. Larry is showing Joe the importance of the instructions when it comes to setting it up. Whoops we forgot a part and will now make a second attempt after we take it apart again.

This car repair stuff is hard work.

Larry loves testing the parts manually. This shot reminds me of a clinic a couple of years ago.

Taa Daa!. A newly rebuilt piece of mechanical genius. Ok now where does this go again? Look...Shiny.

Not quite there yet. The bracket for the throttle was not right. Alan made a quick cut and then welded it back for the proper fit.

Gary hard at work. Note the massive amounts of dirt and grease absent from his hands. He works like a surgeon not spilling a drop.

Ok back on it goes.

Another successful clinic. Some tweaks and a test drive prove the new power and get up a go.

Thanks Guys for your help. I could not have done it without you.


Till Next Time!

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