We follow another of the RMOC traditions with the December club meeting being our Holiday feast meeting. This meeting is always well attended and it's a wonderful time to see some members that haven't been able to make it to many meetings over the year. With that in mind Joe likes to keep the business short and sweet so we can get down to eats and chit chat.


Joe's getting things rolling to a huge enthusiastic crowd. 

Hey pay attention. Good stuff being discussed here. Affairs of state, future of the world as we know it. Come On.. 


Treats for everyone. Now this is how a meeting should be done.


Alan and Jack waiting for the line to go down. Tim, Shirley and Larry discussing the meatballs.

Good food coma going there Mick? Great and how is yours Rick?  Sweeeeet.

Bob Petri just hit retirement and these cool little cars will be his new endeavour.


A beautiful December day brings out the classics for the meeting.

It's a fun time and this meeting also brings out some members we haven't seen in a while. Can't wait until next year.

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