Alan Lowe our activities chairman was nice enough to set up a dyno day for our club members. We actually got to see what kind of horse power our classic Olds have. This was a real fun activity and we got the cars up on the Dyno and let it rip.

All the cars lined up for their Dyno run

There is Alan Lowe's 1959 Dynamic 88. Got to have the top down for an accurate run.

Larry Rupple's 1966 442 was smokin' today. We were careful not to scratch the paint on this sleeper.

Joe Peifer's 1970 Cutlass on it's power run. So this is what it looks like running down the highway.

Now we get some real horses running. Check out this little Olds. Kyle's Alero getting prepped.

Uncle Bob after that Race Car run. Can I go home now? Please!!

Here we are after some of the runs for a group shot.

We want to thank the guys at Carz Custom for hosting the very cool event. Also another thanks to Alan Lowe for getting this all set up. It was great fun and I think we learned a lot.

By the numbers
Larry's 1966 442- 197hp
Joe's 1970 Cutlass - 128hp
Kyle's 1999 Alero - 152hp
Jack's 1984 race car - 591hp
Alan's 1959 Dynamic - 137hp
Kelly's 1973 Nova Racer - 416hp

Want to see a couple of short videos.
Larry's 442.
Jack's Race Car
Thse may take a short time to download. Note - The sound quality is not the highest

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