RMOC Gateway Trip        

Members got together to make a trip to Colorado's western slope to visit the new Auto Museum in Gateway. This is just outside of Grand Junction about 45 miles. The trip over was a nice ride for everyone. We made a stop in Vail for a quick bite and we saw a little rain in the mountains. The scenery was great. About 30 minutes later the sky cleared the temperature rose a little and it was a great day. Rick Lane headed up the caravan over down I-70 but it was really just a free for all down the road. We pretty much kept together then the Lowe's pulled off to take the top down on their '59. But they sure caught up quickly.  A secondary group took a longer route via US-285 and arrived later in the afternoon.

With a stop in Palisade to visit a couple of wineries and fruit stands the members had a very nice afternoon. Our first night in Grand Junction, Joe set up a nice dinner at a wonderful Mexican restaurant that was able to handle our group of 25. A little music accompanied dinner and we got to catch up with some members we haven't seen in a while.

Day two took us to the museum in Gateway. This houses that famous concept F88 Oldsmobile from 1954. The reason for the fame, it was purchased during a Barrett Jackson auction for a mere 3.24 million dollars. While that was the highlight of the museum there certainly were some absolutely BEAUTIFUL cars. This is a place that every car lover should visit. Saturday night and Joe was able to set up another local place in Grand Junction for dinner. Good food, service and fun was had by all.  Sunday was the trip home for most of the members but a few stayed another day to visit friends or family and to possibly hit some more of the Palidase's wineries. 


Here we are getting ready to hit the road.

Some of the beautiful country we passed through. A stop at St. Catherine's winery.


Sampling of the fine wines produced right here in Colorado.

How about some of the local Fudge too. Yuuummmmmy!!      Friday night dinner at Guadalajara restaurant. 

We arrive in Gateway for the tour.  


Everyone's getting ready to head in, don't forget the camera. This is the gate to the residence of the owner.


This is it folks.


Stunning car. The 1954 Concept F88. Imagine if Olds had put these into production.

The trunk logo on the F88. The marble logo on the entrance to it's showroom.

Now this makes a great postcard.

Some of the other beauties. A 1912 Ford on the left. Check out the driver windshield. I guess the passenger has to wear goggles. This little red two seater even has curtins for privacy while driving, makes those phone calls easier with less distractions from the road.

Some fantastic cars from the golden age of Hollywood. Who used to have one of these in highschool?

Some of the larger luxury cars from the 50's.


A few of the muscle cars on display. Hey that gold one looks familiar.

Something from the "Leave it Beaver" days. A sweet Buick Skylark convertible. Look at this Ice Cream truck with the open air cab.

Dinner Saturday night at the Rockslide Brewery in downtown Grand Junction.

The Gateway Rock.

These are just a sampling of the pictures taken on this trip. We all had a great time.

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