Colorado Train Museum and Golden Outing

Roger Opfer hosted the club to an outing at the Colorado Railroad Museum and a tour of the City of Golden. We had a great time exploring the vintage and antique trains. We were then treated to a wonderful lunch and one of Goldens' local Italian restaurants. Then it was off to Foss Drug in downtown Golden. This store houses a vast collection of vintage memorabilia including some antique gas pumps. The gas pumps were a little out of our price range but some members did pick up some very nice items. Thanks to Roger for hosting this well attended event for the club.

The crowd gathers for the tour.

Ok are we going to get rolling or what. Get it rolling.. trains.. they roll.. whatever. Let's start.

One of the highlights of visiting Golden!

A little old and a little new.


An antique engine used for the Pikes Peak Rail. What is a Colorado rail line without a refrigerated Coors car.


Geri Darr checking before she crosses the tracks. Joe and Lori checking out the old engines.


It says "Keep Off" See that, it means do not climb on the train. Here we are resting up before lunch.


Here are a couple of engines. That's Rose back there waiting to climb aboard. Lori standing by the largest one in the yard.

Members enjoying lunch and Tony Rigatonis. Now this is good eating people.


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