2005 Highlands Ranch Classic Car Show         

The Highlands Ranch Car show is put on locally by the Highlands Ranch community association and volunteers from the Olds club and the HR Hot Rodders. This year we had nearly 140 cars which is up from last year. A new larger venue helped bring in the cars. This is one of the nice car shows in the south Denver area.


That's Betty's ride there. One of Don Neuman's cars he brought down from the high country.


Don is checking out the competition in Dales beauty. Mick Shoup brought his "Saddle Shoe".


Wilbur and Irma showing off their classic. Jake is just out to enjoy the great day.


Here is one we haven't seen in a while, this is a real nice car. Plus Jim Darr's white and green beauty.


Another shot of Jims car with Joe and Lori's Cutlass back there. Joe working the door prizes


These two belong to members of the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders. Olds will represent in this club too.


 Lori is working the registration desk. Award time!


Here are Joe and Lori at the ends, with local celeb; Ed Greene from channel 4. That's George Racz the prez of the Highlands Ranch club and Julianne from the community association.

Now we have some more cars from the show field.



This is getting to be quite a show. The Olds's club is certainly contributing to that. What a great day we all had.

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