Highlands 4th of July Ranch Parade

Although not a a scheduled club activity. I felt is necessary to do a a little page for this. Members of RMOC came to the rescue for the Highlands Ranch Community Association. Without them this would not have been quite the success it was. Alan Lowe, Jack Simshauser and Joe Peifer offered their convertibles up to host members of the association in the 25th anniversary parade. 3 of the five cars were from our club. That deserves some press I think. Here we are

Jack posing with the dignitaries and his 1973 Delta 88.

Alan Lowe brought his 1959 Dynamic 88 out. This took some work to get it here too with some radiator updates being done over the weekend.

Joe and Lori offered the Cutlass for the parade. Note all our advertising with the fancy club signs on each of our cars.

These are members of the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders that brought cars out for the dignitaries and just as club cars in the parade. 

Again a huge thanks to Alan and Jack for making this happen.

By the way these pictures were taken with Lori's cell phone camera. Pretty good I think.

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