RMOC Summer Picnic         

This year the Roger Opfer and Mick Shoup hosted the Summer Picnic for the club. We rented a pavilion at Wanaka Lake in Lafayette. Mick and Roger handled the cooking while the members brought out the side dishes galore. We had a wonderful time. The weather wasn't too hot and the setting was very nice along side the water. Then it was off to the Dougherty Car Museum to take in the classics out there. Thanks to Roger and Mick, I'm sure Susan and Terry helped out quite a bit too.

What a nice group, don't you think?

Everyone is settling in for some visiting as the cooks ready the feast.


Roger and Mick handling the grills. 

Okie Dokie, now this looks very yummy. Serve it up folks.


Everyone is having a great time.  


Joe and Larry contemplating the secrets of the universe.

Here are some shots from the Dougherty Museum.


What a great looking delivery truck there. There's a real old one. Not Gary, the tractor.

Jane Williams playing a little tune on one of the antique pianos at the museum.

Think we are starting a trend here with the summer picnic.

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