Ruppel Compound Party 2005         

This is the 5th annual Ruppel BBQ, hosted by Larry and Kathy Ruppel and of course Uncle Bob. They set up quite a spread of food and drink and even have a couple of Bands playing throughout the afternoon. I hear tell there were over 100 people in attendance this year and you can sure see why.

Of course the Olds Club is represented by parking our classics for all to see in a mini show for the attendees. This is pretty big deal and we often see members that haven't been able to make other events. It's a great time for everyone. Thanks to the Ruppels for again hosting this great shindig.


Here are some members enjoying the great weather and company.


Gary, Helen and Peggy deep in conversation, Gary we are over here - pay attention. Roger explains to Bob the stress of being treasurer while Susan tries not to laugh.


Larry telling another tale of his skills as a mechanic and Dale has to leave. That's Uncle Bob and Don wondering who brought that big rig to a party.


There is cook-extraordinaire Robert; manning things on the Grill. The girls chat while Gary wishes he could go look at cars.

One of the Bands entertaining the crowd. What a crowd it is. The compound is packed this year.


Ahhh  here we go. Some of the classics.


      Alan Lowes Sweeet 1960 Holiday. Joe and Lori have the top down again on their Cutlass.


Gary and Helen Smith have this nice 442. Mike Lowe brought his souped up Alero.


Jake Skorniak brought one of his beauties. Bob and Dianne Petri came in with their screamin rear engine Vista Cruiser.


The Ruppels had two of their 65's out.

RMOC looks forward to next year.

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