Shoup Holiday Open House2005

Once again Mick and Terry Shoup had their home invaded by the RMOC for their open house. Members visited and ate a bountiful buffet of food and drink. We celebrated the holidays with friends and fun. Thanks once again to the Shoups for hosting the event.


That's Roger and Bob discussing their holiday debt. Kathy and Dianne are having a nice time.


Janice Lee and Susan Opfer chatting. Mick Shoup showing off the well trained members of the family.


Barb now handling one of the VIP's. Gary and Susan going back for seconds. Hey that's what they told me.


Is that Santa himself and his little helper. OK gentlemen the cookies are all ready for ya.


That's Mick serving up the goodies. Check out the tree can Terry decorate or what?


Santa's helper Bob working the crowd. Terry wondering who is going to help clean up.

 Happy Holidays!!!

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