Shoup Holiday Open House
Mick and Terry Shoup once again opened their home to the club for their annual Holiday Open House.
This year the decorations were again out in force as was the food. All the members had a great time
visiting and eating. Joe brought down his laptop with pictures of all the 2006 outings so everyone could
enjoy those too. It was a very nice day and we all look forward to it next year.
What a wonderful tree. Terry really outdid herself this year.
Everyone is having a good time.
Gary munching on cookies. Kathy
and Barb resting after eats.  
Alan is wondering what Mick puts
in his punch. Betty and Janice
have to be discussing Christmas.
More of the Shoups decorations. The case is filled with Christmas ornaments
made by the kids over the years.
Say - "My shopping is all done"
This is why we come. Yummy.
We look forward to this activity next year. Thanks again to Mick and Terry.