Larry Rupple hosted this outing up to Winter Park for a little winter Snowmobiling. Thanks also to member Don Neumann and his company for having the club up for a snowy day of fun. The club stays up on Friday night for a morning outing in the national forest land on Saturday. It's a great winter activity for members.

Here are the members at the "top of the world"

The day before Larry and Mick get their game faces on.

The club at the pre-trip dinner on Friday night.

Here we are getting all suited up. Don't Gary and Helen look sweet?

Now this is a beautiful setting. Don is giving the club safety instructions.

Larry wasn't listening to the safety intructions. Betty is keeping warm.

Stopping for a break at the "Top of the World" It got a little breezy up here.

Post trip celebration dinner. What a great time out.

More of the post trip dinner.

Again thanks to Larry and Don for getting this going for us. It turned out to be a wonderful trip for the club. We have a little video that Uncle Bob took for us out on the trail. Take a peek below and listen to that wind howl.

Top of the world.
This may take a short time to download.

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