Lowe's Annual Soup Supper

For the past several years Betty and Alan Lowe have hosted the club at their home for a "Soup Supper". The members make homemade soups and desserts and we have a huge putluck. There are a wide variety of soups and chile to be had. You have to pace yourself so that you can sample them all. It's a good idea to have many half bowls instead of one or two full ones. Plus with all the desserts you have to save room. Thanks to the Lowes for hosting us!!!

We form a game plan for the soup. Then it's everyone for themselves.

Gary is making sure that everyone agrees on the best recipe

It's agreed there is nothing that matches the food at an RMOC function.

Soup?? I just bought a Corvette I don't need any soup.

Mike is now on his 5th bowl I think. Now this is what we are talking about.

Another great club activity.

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