2006 Wild West AutoFest

This year several members attended one of the larger shows held in the Denver area. The Wild West AutoFest at Clement Park. This show had over 600 cars this year and we contributed 9 club cars. There were some other Oldsmobiles there as well which made for the most Oldsmobiles I have seen at Non-Club show.

We started off the morning with a great breakfast at Gary and Helen Smith's. Thanks to both of them for hosting and feeding us. A couple of winners from the club at this show too. Bob Petrie with his Fiesta Wagon and Miles Grant with his 75 Cutlass, congrats fellas.

Here are the members for the cool group shot. We are hoping we picked up some new members too.


The club cars - Smith's 442 - Carlson's Intrigue. Miles Grant brought two cars his Cutlass and his 57.


The Peifer's Cutlass and Alan Lowe's 1960 Super 88. New member Fred LaSavio is the original owner of the sweet W-30.


These are some of the other cool rides we saw at the show. The flames on this Pontiac are just great.

This is a pretty cool show.

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